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Safety Plan – Optimal Settings For Various Home Styles

How many times have you tried out two different types of clothing and discovered that they don’t all give you the same feeling?

Similarly, have you tried driving the same model of car and had a strange feeling that it was a completely different brand?

Not every piece of product will feel the same if you put them in a different enviroment.

Therefore, not every safety strategy will work if we don’t include the design of the room, structure of a house, or shape of a garden.

Why do we need different plans if houses have the same shapes?

Let’s imagine a street where all houses have the same shapes and styles.

If you examine the house shapes from the outside, one could say that it’s a not a big deal to determine where to put the cameras or motion sensors.

You could do that.

But, what if the interiors and backyards are completely different?

Applying a general safety procedure in case of a fire would be a disaster.

The fire exist signs will be out of a place, fire extinguishers out of reach and smoke detectors covering wrong areas.

Ok, how about both houses have the same indoor and outdoor designs? Why do we need different planes?

Do the have the same furniture? Same lighting equipment? Same people with same habits living in both houses?

It’s highly unlikely, even if you put twins in different houses and ask them not to redesign anything.

Different habits can lead to different outcomes. There are individuals who like to eat late and use a stove, others do not lock their houses or vehicles, and a third group will have a dog, among other things.

Alright, but it’s not possible to cover all possible scenarios

This is true, that’s we why want to create a simplified model, a pattern that could be applied to most of the homes.

By covering most common house shapes, apartment styles and outdoor designs, we offer dedicated safety plans for everyone to apply to their homes.

Here is a glimpse of the information that you’ll find in these categories.

House category

The House category holds various plans related to dangers and safety measures that could be applied to houses.

Given the unlimited house designs, we tried to create groups based on the structural shapes of the object, so here are the subcategories:

  • Square shapes
  • Rectangle shapes
  • L shapes
  • T shapes
  • V shapes
  • H shapes
  • W shapes
  • U shapes
  • O shapes
  • X shapes

These are the most common house shapes that exist in the entire world.

Of course, there are some really complex shapes which are impossible to cover properly, so we’ll stick with the ones that 99% of house owners have.

The articles will be mostly covering dangers related to security and fire, but there will be suggestions for firearm storage, disaster preparation and general safety for humans and pets.

If you want to get more information, check the House safety plans category page.

Apartment category

Not everyone owns a house. Most people live in apartments that are located in big cities or small towns.

This affects the safety measures that could be applied since you cannot easily install advanced security equipment all around the building.

Also, the neighbors are one of the most critical factors to the actual safety, one that could be both negative and positive.

We decided to go with these subcategories for Apartment safety:

  • Studio
  • One bedroom
  • Two bedroom
  • Multiple bedrooms
  • Basement

First, second and third subcategory is something that most people live in, so there will be a plenty of articles for them to explore.

The basements are not always available, but they could be the source of various security threats, so we’ll cover them as well.

Be sure to check the Apartment safety plans page here.

Outdoors category

The outdoors safety will cover the space that is around the house – garden, patio, balcony, sidewalks, building stairs, etc:

The Outdoors category contains these subcategories:

  • Front yard
  • Backyard
  • Building area

You should start here if you want to learn more: Outdoors safety plans

Pick the category or a subcategory you want to explore and start getting familiar with the stuff you can do to make your home a safer place.

Marvin McAlister is an enthusiastic advocate for home safety and security, possessing a solid grasp of the subject through years of personal and professional involvement with security equipment. Check more about Marvin here.


The content of this page is meant exclusively for informational purposes. Conducting a professional safety audit is our recommendation when there is a proven danger.


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House 》 square shapes • rectangle shapes • L shapes • T shapes • V shapes • H shapes • W shapes • U shapes • O shapes • X shapes

Apartment 》 studio • one bedroom • two bedroom • multiple bedrooms • basement

Outdoors 》 front yard • backyard • building area

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