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The structure of Home Security articles on this website

The core idea behind Home Safety Plans was to present the security measures for various home types.

During the topics research, we decided not to focus only on the home security, but expend the other sections, such as fire safety, firearm safety, outdoor safety and others.

However, the Home Security and Safety Plans sections will be the leading topics to explore, since most questions in this niche are related to security cameras, alarms, sensors and methods to secure the house or apartment.

The Home Security section is designed to guide you through every facet of home protection, neatly categorized into following categories:

The first home security category, Basics, will contain the articles every homeowner should get familiar with, from understanding potential vulnerabilities to implementing simple yet effective strategies for deterrence.

In Physical Measures, explore the tangible steps you can take to strengthen your home’s defenses, including doors, windows, locks and overall perimeter security tips.

Lastly, our Electronic section delves into the latest technological advancements, from smart locks to surveillance systems, providing you with the tools to create a secure environment for your home.

Visit the category you find most interesting and start exploring our home security tips.

Marvin McAlister is an enthusiastic advocate for home safety and security, possessing a solid grasp of the subject through years of personal and professional involvement with security equipment. Check more about Marvin here.


The content of this page is meant exclusively for informational purposes. Conducting a professional safety audit is our recommendation when there is a proven danger.


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Basics 》 general • statistics • case studies

Physical measures 》 door security • window security • perimeter security

Electronic 》 intrusion detection • alarm systems • surveillance systems • access control systems

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