Adults Safety

Dangers and safety measures for grown ups

This category will show what are the dangers that could happen to adult women and men in their everyday life.

The safety tips presented here could be used to save your family member or yourself in digital spaces, public areas, at work, and at home.

Since other sections and categories on this website will most likely cover specific situations, such as traffic accidents, fire, riots and others, this category will focus on the actual personal safety methods.

We’ll divide this category into two subcategories:

Safety for Women

This subcategory will contain articles that will cover different situations and safety measures that could happen to a woman.

Safety for Men

In this subcategory, we’ll publish the articles that will cover dangers that could happen to a man, along with safety measures that should be applied.

The articles are in preparation.

Marvin McAlister is an enthusiastic advocate for home safety and security, possessing a solid grasp of the subject through years of personal and professional involvement with security equipment. Check more about Marvin here.


The content of this page is meant exclusively for informational purposes. Conducting a professional safety audit is our recommendation when there is a proven danger.


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